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Experience the CoreAgileTech advantage with a special offer. For the initial two weeks of engagement, enjoy a bonus review period at no extra cost. This allows you to assess the resource’s compatibility and skills firsthand.

What is staffing services?

IT Staffing Service services refer to a business strategy where you can hire external IT professionals on a temporary or long term basis to supplement your existing in-house team.
This approach allows you to quickly and flexibly access specialized skills, expertise, and resources for specific projects or periods, without the need for permanent employment. IT Staffing Service services are provided by CoreAgileTech having specialization in matching skilled IT professionals with your project need.

CoreAgileTech IT staffing service: your path to agile excellence!

Are you striving to power up your projects with top-notch IT expertise? Look no further! CoreAgileTech is here to be your strategic partner in enhancing your IT capabilities.

Why choose CoreAgileTech's staffing service?

Expertise tailored to your needs

Our dedicated IT professionals bring specialized skills and knowledge that precisely match your project requirements. From coding wizards to tech-savvy strategists, we’ve got you covered.

Global talent pool

Access an extensive network of IT talents from around the world. Say goodbye to geographical limitations and hello to a world of possibilities.

Innovation at your fingertips

Stay ahead in the tech race with our Staffing Service experts who are always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and tools.

Cost-effective agility

No need to break the bank. With CoreAgileTech, you gain access to top-tier IT skills at low cost comparitibility to the cost of other resources.

Flexible and scalable

Scale your IT team effortlessly, adapting to project needs and growth spurts, all while maintaining control over the direction of your projects.

Seamless integration

Our professionals seamlessly become an extension of your in-house team, collaborating, communicating, and contributing to your success.

Faster time-to-market

Accelerate your project timelines with the added power of CoreAgileTech’s technology experts, bringing your products and services to market quicker than ever.

Quality assurance guaranteed

At CoreAgileTech, quality is non-negotiable. Our developers are meticulously vetted and undergo rigorous assessments, ensuring top-notch code, impeccable security, and reliable solutions.

What sets CoreAgileTech IT staffing service apart


Agile methodology


Good communication


Detailed contracts


Honest skill assessment


Multiple domain expertise


Daily code commit


Cost-effective development


Regular progress updates


Timely issue reporting


Collaborative tools


Time-zone compatibility


Transparent time tracking


Feedback mechanisms


Project documentation


Problem solving together


24x7 support services

Hiring a dedicated developer with CoreAgileTech: a seamless process

Initial inquiry (discovery phase)
Connect with CoreAgileTech's representative to discuss your project requirements, goals, and tech stack. Provide an overview of the skills you're seeking in a dedicated developer.
Needs assessment and proposal
CoreAgileTech evaluates your needs and proposes suitable developer profiles. The proposal includes candidate skills, experience, and availability, along with cost details and engagement terms.
Developer selection and interview
Review the proposed developer profiles and schedule video interviews with the shortlisted candidates. These interviews provide an opportunity to assess their technical skills, communication, and cultural fit.
Review and finalize contractual agreement with bonus review period
Review and finalize the contractual agreement, which outlines roles, responsibilities, payment terms, and project milestones. CoreAgileTech prioritizes transparency in all contract terms. As an added advantage, the first two weeks of engagement will include a bonus review period, during which you can assess the resource's compatibility and skills with no additional cost.
Project kickoff and communication
Hold a project kickoff meeting with the dedicated developer, your in-house team, and CoreAgileTech's support. Discuss project specifics, expectations, and communication channels.
Development phase
The dedicated developer integrates into your team, working on tasks, collaborating, and contributing to the project. Regular updates and progress reports ensure transparency.
Project completion and handover
Upon project completion, CoreAgileTech ensures a smooth handover, including documentation, code ownership, and knowledge transfer to your team.
Long-term partnership
CoreAgileTech aims to build a lasting partnership. Feedback loops and post-project support ensure ongoing success and collaboration.

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