Why Us

What sets us apart

Strongly Process-oriented

We employ well-proven, distinctive processes for all our endeavors, guaranteeing the delivery of excellence that’s efficient and devoid of any technical debt.

Lean Mindset With Digital Acceleration

Our emphasis lies in driving your growth by prioritizing actions that matter, without excess or deficiency.

Exceptional Technical Proficiency

Our agile engineering blends software artistry, quality, and adaptability, embracing evolving requirements and the latest technologies.

Complete Transparency

We provide open and concise communication, effective project management, and transparent budgeting.

Work With Top Talent

Seasoned developers based in India, excelling in various sectors, employ leading-edge methodologies to ensure top-tier product delivery.

Collaborator & Advisor

We assume robust ownership of the projects we engage in, signifying you’ll have a dedicated business ally supporting you throughout your journey.

Pioneering Proficiency: Collaborations with Industry Leaders and Flagship Projects

At CoreAgileTech, our profound expertise shines through as we partner with industry leaders and undertake flagship projects that drive innovation and excellence. Our team’s mastery in diverse domains enables us to seamlessly collaborate with prominent clients, shaping industries through cutting-edge solutions. With a history of successful endeavors, CoreAgileTech sets the benchmark for delivering top-tier services and solutions that redefine possibilities.”

Powering Your Growth: Our Approach

Having a Group of Exceptional Global Technical Specialists

Based in India, our team of seasoned developers excels across diverse sectors, harnessing their extensive experience. Employing cutting-edge methodologies, we guarantee the delivery of top-tier products. CoreAgileTech’s stringent hiring process, one of the most rigorous in the industry, ensures that you collaborate with exceptional minds and team members.
We assess technical capabilities and cultural fit meticulously, allowing only top-notch talent to successfully navigate our selection procedure. Their expertise amplifies our capabilities, solidifying our commitment to excellence.

Empowering you with complete control

Experience unparalleled control and transparency while developing your project with CoreAgileTech

Choose Preferred Engagement

We offer clients a choice between Time and Material or Fixed Price models, granting them greater control and optimizing software development delivery, ultimately leading to successful project outcomes.

Team of experienced professionals

We assemble a skilled team for your project, subject to your approval through CVs and interviews. Their daily rate corresponds to their level of expertise. Billing is based on full days, with monthly invoicing.

Project managers/POC

We consistently advise the inclusion of one of our project managers in your project to guarantee seamless execution. This oversight maintains project alignment, promptly addresses concerns and variations, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Project meetings

We conduct project meetings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to monitor its advancement, ensuring you’re consistently informed about its progress. During these discussions, we openly address any deviations from the original plan.

You control, we execute

You’ll possess full command over project specifications and the flexibility to adjust direction at any point. We’ll consistently offer a technical counsel for the new path, along with an estimated variance from the initial project.

Complete ownership

You maintain absolute ownership of the source code produced by our developers, as well as any designs, documents, and additional artifacts created during the project.

Improve your business efficiency

Opting to engage with CoreAgileTech for your development needs enables you to:

Cut down your development expenses by as much as 40%

Accelerate your time to market potentially by 60%

Initiate your project within just 1-2 week(s)

Eradicate overhead and recruitment expenses

Flexibly expand or contract your team as needed

Secure precisely the right technical experts for the task

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